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Get Involved!

Are you interested in getting involved in community health and social services in Pacific County?  The health department and a variety of community partners host coalitions and committees that focus on improving an array of services and building social service capacity in Pacific County.  We encourage you to check out the groups, coalitions, and committees listed below and to get involved!  It takes all of us to create a health community!

Check out our community calendar here for a schedule of meetings and meeting links!

Pacific County Health & Human Services Advisory Board (HHSAB)
The Health & Human Services Advisory Board is appointment by the Pacific County Board of County Commissioners and provide oversight of planning and evaluation of services provided by the Health Department.  To get involved, please contact us at 360-875-9343.


The HHSAB meets quarterly and includes three subcommittees that meet monthly including:


Other organizations and coalitions that work support community wellness in Pacific County include: 

Road 2 Resiliency (R2R)
We are a South Bend based substance use prevention coalition, utilizing community collaboration to decrease youth substance misuse. We work with community partners to provide pro-social opportunities for our youth, and education to caregivers, school staff, professionals and our youth. We couldn’t do any of this without our wonderful community - come join us! Find more information at  

Teen Advocacy Coalition
TAC supports teen peer helper programs in the three school districts, bringing teens together. Extensive training is provided so these teens can serve as advocates and resources for their peers. TAC also funds school and community based prevention consultants which provides a law enforcement officer in each school district to increase enforcement of laws/policies relating to alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. The officers engage students to provide education, support, and offer available resources. More information at 

WellSpring Community Network is a grassroots organization made up of individuals and organizations dedicated to promoting physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness in South Pacific County. Our mission is to support community wellness in South Pacific County through active collaborations. Monthly meetings occur the 2nd Tuesday of each month at noon at teh county building in Long Beach (7013 Sandridge Road Long Beach), or via zoom.  Visit
ork for more information!

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