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Notifiable Conditions

In Washington, healthcare providers, healthcare facilities, clinical laboratories and veterinarians have responsibilities for reporting certain conditions to their local health jurisdiction. Public Health relies on our

partners to report notifiable conditions and other potential public health concerns in order to identify and respond to potential outbreaks.

To do this, the Pacific County Health Department works closely with our healthcare provider and community partners to:

  • Conduct surveillance for notifiable conditions

  • Investigate reported notifiable conditions.

  • Investigate communicable disease outbreaks and recommend control measures to mitigate further spread

  • Serve as a consultant and technical resource to our healthcare provider community

  • Build and manage partnerships with local and state authorities to effectively control the geographic spread of diseases

To report a communicable disease, please fax (360) 875-9324

COVID-19 Information

Looking for more information related to COVID-19? The Pacific County Health Department has a webpage dedicated to COVID-19 information. Use the button below to be redirected to the COVID-19 page.
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