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The Pacific County Homeless Housing Task Force provides input into the ongoing development of a five-year plan to address homelessness in Pacific County, as required by RCW 43.185C.160.

5 Year Plan to Address Homelessness

Click the buttons below to see the 5 year plan and Action Plan:

Data Reports

The Department of Commerce provides data on Pacific County’s homeless system performance and rates of homelessness. Please visit the links below:

Housing Needs Assessment by Livable Cities

The Pacific County studio team includes 11graduate students from the University of Washington’s Master of Urban Design and Planning program. The team prepared a Housing Needs Assessment and Land Capacity Analysis to help guide future development in Pacific County, Washington. This effort is a part of the Livable City Year program at the University of Washington, which engages faculty and students from various disciplines in working with community projects across Washington State.

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